Bentley Jones & All-Stars Racing: "So Much More"

Wie wir bereits berichteten arbeitet Bentley Jones an einem neuen Song namens „So Much More“. In seinem Teaser Video gab es einen Hinweis darauf, dass das Lied im kommenden Funracer eine Rolle spielen würde. Jetzt gab es seitens Steve Lycett, Entwickler bei Sumo Digital, Bestätigung.

Wait till you’ve heard the final version – it’s epic. We’ve worked closely with Bentley and suggested things to really bring out the feeling of classic Sega songs, especially the awesome guitar solo that you’ve yet to hear.

We’re looking at using it as our credits piece, but given all the shouting, I’m tempted to use it everywhere, title screen, menus, in-game, the lot.

Besides, as has been pointed out – we’ve got so much music in the game it’s silly. SST had 80 tracks, this – well’s it a lot more than that – and it’s music picked by the same folk who picked the SST tracks from a huge catalogue of Sega tunes. Plus we’ve got new tunes from Richard Jacques, not to mention some extra (including some from Crush 40.)

In der finalen Version wird noch ein Gitarrensolo zu hören sein.

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