E3: Presse lobt Sonic Colours!

Gewöhnlich ist die allgemeine Videospiel-Presse wenig begeistert von einem neuen 3D Sonic Spiel. Doch Sonic Colours, spielbar auf der E3, bekommt reihenweise Lob und gute Kritiken von Onlinemagazinen, von denen man es nicht erwartet hätte. Hier ein Überblick.

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„The general difficulty of Sonic Colours will suit younger fans; zones still fly by and you’ll wonder at times just how much control you actually have. But each level is crammed, throwing you from one experience to the next. Couple that with the vibrant, colourful new world though and hopefully older Sonic fans will have enough to go at too.

Could Sonic finally be entertaining again?“



„When playing Sonic Colors it doesn’t feel like someone at Sega HQ insisted that they make a 3D Sonic game for the Wii. Instead, the game seems inspired. It feels like they genuinely wanted to take the fun parts of the 3D games (like the auto-locking jump/dash attack, or the track racing segments) and incorporate them with the tried and true 2D platforming. Instead of being a chore, the Wii controls were tight, and the action was fast and fun. From what I’ve seen so far, Sega’s attempt at mixing 2D and 3D is great. What a nice surprise!“



„It’s always hard to approach a new Sonic game without caution, but don’t pre-emptively extinguish your hopes for Sonic Colours, because it’s making a lot of the right noises and pushing the right large, brightly-coloured buttons. Along with the promising Sonic 4, it gives us confidence that the Sonic series is theoretically capable of making a recovery – at least until the next relapse.“



„Even if Sega hasn’t found the game it’s looking for (and the one we all want to play), it seems like the series is finally headed in the right direction. Then again, with the way the series has been going lately, there might not be any way to go but up.“



„This vibrant-looking platformer takes its cues from 2008’s Sonic Unleashed (the daytime levels, that is) but imbues Sonic with new powers based on color. Truth be told: We liked what we saw and look forward to seeing how these newfound powers might invigorate this fast-paced platforming romp.“



„While I didn’t get to see any story aspects of Sonic Colors, Izuka and US producer Patrick Reilly mentioned that American writers (whose previous credits include Madworld — yes, that Madworld) have been hired to create a story for the game that both adults and kids can get into.

This just might be the best Sonic game of this generation.“


Auch Screwattack.com, die Sonic gewöhnlich gar nicht mögen, haben sowohl die Wii und DS Version in einem Videotest gelobt.

Sonic Colours erscheint Ende 2010 für Wii und DS.


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