Sonic Chronicles: Erste Einblicke in die Story

Direkt aus der Anleitung, die ungefähre Geschichte des kommenden DS Titels.

In unserem letzten Bilder Update befand sich ein Screenshoot, auf dem ein Echidna zu sehen war. Jetzt wird klar, was es mit dem Artgenossen Knuckles ‚ auf sich hat. Die Story stammt aus der Anleitung von „SonicChronicles: Die Dunkle Bruderschaft“

4000 years ago, the two rival clans of the dominant race Echidna lived side by side in relative harmony. The fragile peace that persisted between the two clans for centuries threatened to be broken at any time. The borders of the empire of Knuckles Clan and the Clan Nocturnus began to encroach one on the other, and neither side is ready to cede the slightest piece of territory.

In the war for expansion that followed, an unforeseen cataclysm caused the fall of Clan of Knuckles, raising Angel Island from the surface of the Earth. The Clan Nocturnus did not experienced a much better fate: the entire clan disappeared, taking with it everything that was associated.Nobody  has been seen since. All traces of the existence of Clan Nocturnus have now been eliminated, with the exception of a small robotic survivor, its name lost in history.

On the other hand, time has elapsed since the crushing defeat of Eggman at the hands of Sonic and his friends. Nobody has reunited thereafter, and they are presumed disappeared forever. Without any chaos and terror that mad scientist liked to spread, the world has become pleasant, quiet and prosperous.

Sonic, meanwhile, spent most of his time to explore the farthest corners of the planet, since it no longer has to play super-hero who saves the world. His wanderings have been suddenly interrupted when he received a call from Tails on the frequency reserved for emergencies. Central City is in turmoil, while Knuckles has been kidnapped!

Sonic and his friends are able to discover that the events of the past can still influence the future. Could it be that there is a link between the fate of the two echidna clans and the problems Knuckles is facing today?

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