Sonic X: Doch keine neuen Folgen

Was wir eigentlich schon vorher wussten: Es gibt keine neuen Folgen zu Sonic X…


Ein User im Forum hat persönlich bei TMS Entertainment nachgefragt und auch eine Antwort erhalten:

Thank you for your e-mail below.

Please be advised that we have produced 78 episodes of Sonic X.
However, we do not have any immediate plan to produce episode #79 and over.
Therefore the episode 79 and over of Sonic X does not exist as of today.

With regard to „more than 78 episodes“ at our site,
this is simply typo and we will fix it to „78 episodes“ accordingly.

In addition, I checked Polish site below and, according to automatic
the story depicted here seems to be related to #53-78.

Therefore I assume the number „79“ here is a typo also.

Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,

Mitsumoto Suzuki
TMS Entertainment



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